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Current Group Members

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Faculty: Post-doctoral Research Fellow:
Chang, Hsiang-Kuang (HK) hkchang @ phys.nthu.edu.tw Wang, Jing (Joan) joanwangj @ 126.com
Hirotani, Kouichi (Kouichi) hirotani @ tiara.sinica.edu.tw Chiu, Jeng-Lun (CJL) chenglun @ mx.nthu.edu.tw
Kong, Albert (Albert) akong @ phys.nthu.edu.tw Huang, Hsiu-Hui (Regina) u870302 @ gmail.com
Mizuno, Yosuke (Yosuke) mizunoys @ gmail.com

Tam, Pak-Hin (Thomas) phtam @ phys.nthu.edu.tw
PhD Student: Master Student:
Liu, Chih-Yuan (Joe) yuanplus @ gmail.com Yang, Chien-Ying (Abby) abby030778 @ yahoo.com.tw
Lu, Ting-Ni (Wohemos) wohemos @ gmail.com Wu, Jason (Jason S.) jason19888 @ gmail.com 
Pu, Hung-Yi (Bubu) bubuPu @ gmail.com Lin, Chun-Cheng (Daniel) universetennis @ hotmail.com
Yen, Tzu-Ching (Phyllis) phyllis @ phys.nthu.edu.tw Wu, I-Shan (Twinkle) s101025505 @ m101.nthu.edu.tw
Li, Kwan-Lok (Ray) lilirayhk @ gmail.com Shang, Jie-Rou (Bandy) s101025503 @ m101.nthu.edu.tw
@ @ Huang, Ting-Yu (Brian) stupidbrianpig @ gmail.com
Undergraduate Student:
Tseng, Chao-Hsiung (Martin) panda2300116 @ gmail.com
Chan, Kai-Hsun (Nick) n8510425 @ yahoo.com.tw
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Former Group Members


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Thesis Title
Fan, Tsui (Tsui) Master Student 2010~2012
Shih, I-Chun (Stephen) Post Doc. 2008~2011 @
Chen, Kuan-Ting (Xzero) PhD Student 2003~2011 Applications of Diffraction Pattern Computation for Trans-Neptunian Objects Occultation of Scorpius X-1 in X-rays@
Chiu, Jeng-Lun (CJL) PhD Student 2003~2010 The Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT): The Mission and the Crab Nebula Detection
Liang, Jau-Shian (ZZZ) PhD Student 2002~2010 The Nuclear Compton Telescope: Data Analysis and Polarization Determination
Kao, Kai-Wei (KKW) Master Student 2008~2010 @
Bastrukov, Sergey (Sergry) Visiting Prof. 2006~2009 @
Takata, Jumpei (JP) Post Doc. 2005~2009 @
Yang, Yi-Jung (Frankie) Research Assistant 2007~2009 @

Yeh, Lun-Wen

(Soccer) PhD Student 2002~2009 Neptune Migration Model with One Extra Planet 

Chiang, Yi-Kuan

(Issac) Master Student 2007~2009 The Long-term variability of the x-ray Source in M82
Lan, Shih-Hao (Aganippe) Master Student 2006~2009 X-ray and Optical Study of Low Core Density Globular Cluster NGC 6144 & E3 
Lu, Ting-Ni (Wohemos) Master Student 2007~2009 X-ray Sources and Their Optical Counterparts in the galactic Globular Cluster M12 (NGC6218) 
Wu, Ei-Han (Han) Master Student 2007~2009 Quasi-periodic Oscillations of outburst X-ray Flux Flux from SGR1806-20 and SGR1900+14 as Manifest of Toursional Vibrations of Magnetars
Lin, Chun-Che (Lupin) PhD Student 2002~2008 Periodicity Search for Possible X-ray Counterparts to Radio-quiet Gamma-ray Pulsar  Candidates 

Wu, Ping-Shien

(ps) Master Student 2004~2006 X-ray Occultation of Scorpius X-1 by small Trans-Neptunian Objects
Hsu, Pei-Chun (dudu) Master Student 2004~2006 Particle Acceleration in Pulsar Magnetospheres

Pu, Hung-Yi

(Bubu) Master Student 2003~2005 The Effect of Phton Path Bending on the Observed Pulsed Profiles and Spectra of Surface Thermal Emission from Neutron Stars
Hsiao, Ya-Wen (vyvy) Master Student 2000~2005 Upper Limits to the Pulsed flus of X-rays from PSR B0656+14 and PSR B1951+32 
Liang, Jau-Shian (ZZZ) Master Student 2002~2004 Search for Periodicity in th eX-ray Data of SGR 1627-41

Huang, Hsiu-Hui

(Regina) Master Student 2002~2004 Search for Pulsation Signatures in the X-ray Emission from Geminga
Liu, Chih-Yuan (Joe) Master Student 2001~2003 Search for Signature of Waves on the Surface of Neutron Stars- Long Term X-ray Observations of PSR B1509-58 

Tang, Ya-Wen

(tangtang) Master Student 2001~2003 Study of the HH270 Molecular Cloud 
Wu, Hsue-Wen (zara) Master Student 2001~2003 Model Spectra of Surface Thermal Emission from Neutron Stars with Strong Magnetic Fields 
Wang, Shih-Ya (farstar) Master Student 2000~2002 Hydrogen Atomic Structure in Strong Magnetic Field 
Chu, Hsing-Yi (Navajo) Master Student 1999~2001 Model Spectra of Neutron Star Surface Thermal Emission

Liang, Mao-Chang

(Danie) Master Student 1998~2000 Multi-Wavelength Studies of Interacting Galaxies 
 Lin, Shin-Ted (Ted) Master Student 1998~2000 X-ray Thermal Emissions and the Heated-Polar-Cap Size of PSR0656+14 and PSR B 1055-52 
Guo, Tz-Feng (Iseng) Master Student 1996~1999 X-ray Timing Analysis of PSR B1951+32 with RXTE and ASCA Data 

Zhang, Chengmin

@ Post Doc. ~1999 @



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